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Drupal and Search Engine Optimization

How well does a Drupal site fare in search indexing and search results? What can I do to increase the visibility of my Drupal website? I look at some inbuilt goodies and additional modules and techniques for use with Drupal that make it a very good choice for a search engine optimized website.


Why we need to get with Web 2.0

Web 2.0. Everyone seems to be saying it, but not everyone knows what it means yet. Here’s how to get current and knowledgeable and avoid the red face when asked a pointed question about this latest evolution of the World Wide Web.

Southernwood Express Joins Drupal Association

It's about time. After several years using and developing on Drupal, we finally added our official support by joining the Drupal Association.

As an organizational member, we have added another way to support the Drupal project as a whole, and we will continue to find ways to give back to the Drupal community that provides us with so much support and outstanding software.

The Uses of Content Management Systems

The term "Content Management System" (CMS) has always been for me rather non-descript, but somewhat effective in describing a range of ideas... in three words or less!

So what is a content management system exactly?

To break it down, it is any system (generally electronic in nature) that manages (manually or automatically) content (anything from images to music to documents or other data). Whew! Clear as mud.

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