Large Format Graphics

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Also known as Environmental Graphics.

Whether you require exhibition graphics or are simply looking for a large graphic for an in-house display, we are able to assist you with creating your large format graphics.

Large format graphics are ideal for use at events where the client participates in or hosts an exhibition or at tradeshows where a booth or stand requiring large graphics is set up. The graphics are designed to cover the stand or walls of the booth, to populate the stand with 3-D displays and to provide 'information-at-a-glance' to prospects visiting the exhibition site. These graphics can include more flexible options such as portable tradeshow graphics and pop-up graphic displays and retractable banner stands for easy transport, storage, set-up and removal.

Also, large graphics are useful at seminars and conventions or similar events where a presentation is being delivered by the client (to members of their industry community or prospects) and it's important to reinforce the company brand and image to a large, semi-static audience.

From brief and concept to delivery and test assembly or viewing (fully unpacked and laid out at delivery - prior to assembly or affixing) of the graphic material for quality assurance purposes, we provide a vast experience in the art of creating visually sumptuous and rich graphics that have the impact and power they are intended to have as large format marketing material.


If you are interested in finding out more about how we may be able to assist you with  large format graphics that create an impact for your business, please go to our Request a Quote form and indicate your interest as well as any additional information you think we may need to respond to your enquiry. 

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