Menu Design

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We are able to produce well thought out menus for a range of applications, such as special (once-off) events, caterers requiring a 'presentation menu' for client interactions or menus for their catered events, restaurants, hotels and more.

The menus we produce are designed to showcase the food and beverages with the use of beautifully crafted product shots and to allow for an easy, logical flow of the menu items.

Branding is as important on a menu as it is on a brochure, so we ensure that each client that chooses us to create their menu is satisfied that the menu relates well to other marketing material for their business and incorporates the most important aspects of the branding strategy, such as logos, color and typefont usage.

From the intial brief, through the photography of the food and beverages, and on through the draft and completion of the menu, each client will receive a well crafted and accurate menu. Plus, if a it is returned to us for whatever updates are needed at a later stage, returning clients enjoy the benefits of discounted rates and flexible designs.

In the case of special events such as weddings, we are able to produce and deliver packages that include the menus, name cards and other event stationery as required.


If you are interested in finding out more about how we may be able to assist you with  creative, good quality menu design and supporting event material for your business or event, please go to our Request a Quote form and indicate your interest as well as any additional information you think we may need to respond to your enquiry. 

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