Presentation Design

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A good presentation is fine. A great presentation is what makes gurus and evangelists out of ordinary people and allows a company to stand head and shoulders above it's competitors. We only produce great presentations at Southernwood Express Design & Media.

Understanding that each presentation is an opportunity to turn a captive audience into a faithful and committed customer base and a chance to elevate your company rank in the industry, we are able to produce sophisticated, vivid and captivating presentations for your presenter/s in a variety of formats to suit their presentation style and requirement. This includes using tools such as Flash to create beautiful, polished presentations that can incorporate custom produced videos with soundtrack and/or voice-over capability, as well as creative placement of text, image files, custom graphics (like graphs or charts), special effects and more.

For simpler, faster, more functional presentations, we recommend we do them for you in MS Powerpoint or in Keynote (depending on your platform - Mac or PC).

Our process for developing a presentation includes a full briefing session, concept presentation, a draft process and completion of the on-screen presentation (including testing) as well as the production of the manual containg the entire presentation in a story board layout with comments and actions as required by the presenter.


If you are interested in finding out more about how we may be able to produce great presentations for your business, please go to our Request a Quote form and indicate your interest as well as any additional information you think we may need to assist you with your enquiry.  

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