Web Development Services

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Website development implies the creation of the technical functionality of a website. When the development of a website is done correctly, the site becomes a powerful tool of trade for the client. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver top class website development to our clients and strive towards that goal by being:

  • able to develop sites from scratch (custom website development) or using existing scripts and components, including Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Silverstripe, and many other shopping carts and content management systems
  • able to develop for Drupal, including custom theming and module development
  • assured that our process includes project scoping of the requirements for development. We do this by gaining an understanding of how users will interact with the site, together with other important requirements such as security and database development/management and visitor usability requirements (for example accessibility for the disabled or impaired)
  • able to develop accurate feedback cycles to ensure that the client is satisfied with the functionality
  • able to develop version control to allow for rollback if a component is upgraded
  • able to adopt a standards-based approach
  • rigorous and disciplined about testing (our own and customer testing) for quality assurance purposes
  • able to develop a staging environment which allows for the scoping and testing of (a) changes that don't impact the client's live site (if this applies) and (b) allows for the development stages of a website to be viewed in an environment other than the client's intended website domain.


If you would like to know more about our website development services or if you have questions about your own website and the development work you need done to it, please use the Request a Quote form to contact us.

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